When Your Neck Gets Weird

There comes a time in life when things on your body aren’t where they used to be. They’re everywhere you don’t want them to be.
My neck has issues. Scarring from cystic acne, a little sagging, it’s got 2 chins smothering it, etc. You get what I mean.

Note: You’re never too young to get into anti-aging skincare. So if you’re 20 and reading this get started now! So you can look 20 when you’re an antique like me.

I am an anti-aging skincare fanatic. I will try almost anything as long as it doesn’t contain horrifying ingredients (parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulfates, etc).

Tarte has released it’s Maracuja Neck Treatment that has the texture of the most creamy and dense creme bruleé ever. I love food and I love comparing beauty product textures to foods. I’m weird.

The scent is very light and doesn’t linger on the skin for long. Upon first use the cream melted into my skin and left it very smooth. It took about 1 minute for it to completely absorb into my skin. Once the product was rubbed into the folds of my slightly jiggly neck skin, it felt like silk. My skin felt very soft, moisturized and elasticity was restored. I have very oily skin on my face but my neck tends to be dry. This didn’t leave an oily residue at all. Perfection!

Maracuja oil is a staple in my skincare arsenal. There is also hyaluronate in the cream that helps plump and smooth the skin by allowing it to retain moisture. Algae, vitamin C & E and cactus pear help tone, moisturize and even out skin tone naturally. Honestly you cannot beat the list of ingredients and the quality for under $50.


I have only just begun my journey with this neck cream and I am excited to see the long term results.

Maybe my neck will stay looking 30something when I’m well into my 50something years by using this stuff?! I would bathe in it. Like, fill a pool with it and roll around for a few hours on a daily basis. Who knows maybe it can lift other things that have drifted downwards.

Maracuja Neck Treatment is available at Macy’s Impulse counters everywhere, at Sephora and here on the Tarte site.

xo yourface

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