Winter Woes DIY: AcidWash

I stand on my feet all day at work. I run around in not so soft and comfy shoes.But, whatever, they are cute. I get calluses on the ball part of my feet. Some would just leave them be as they think it’s like armor or they keep your feet from feeling the pain of standing. I personally do not believe in that. I like my feet to be smooth and soft. I am a fan of the Korean foot peel masks. But when I really want to indulge, I soak my feet in my trusty Conair footbath. It has heat and it makes bubbles. Like, a little spa treatment.
Usually I will add a little Epson Salt with some essential oils. Sometimes when my feet are looking extra crazy and feeling like I’ve run across a hot sharp rock covered beach, I like to do an acid foot soak. The acids listed can be purchased on Amazon, Ebay or any lab chemical site. I get mine from Ebay.
I put just enough water to cover my feet.

The Recipe for “AcidWash”
6-8 cups of hot water
1 Tablespoon of Lactic Acid 88%
1 Tablespoon of Glycolic Acid 50%
2 Tablespoon of Citric Acid
15 drops of any essential oil (I love Sweet Orange Oil)
Put the 6-8 cups of water into a footbath, dump in all the ingredients and turn on the bubbles! I like to soak my feet for about 45 mins at a time. Dry them off then put on moisturizer.
You feet will be soft and they may peel slightly over the next few days. Bye bye dead skin and calloused feet!

**PLEASE make sure you do not have any broken skin on your feet. It will burn due to the acid content. If your feet are not too rough and callused, adjust the acid measurements down by 1 or 1/2.**

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