Derma Rollin’ With The Homies

Have you ever fallen asleep with makeup on only to wake up the next day with an unwanted visitor on your face? I haven’t. My gramma would be hovering over my bed with a jar of Pond’s cold cream ready to go on any given night when I got home. “You’re gonna have pimples everywhere! There will be wrinkles around your eyes! You’ll look 40 before you’re 25! Get that mess off your face now!” This started when I was 16 and went on until I finally got the point and my own 4 pack of  Pond’s cold cream from Costco. A lifetime supply.

I’ve never slept a whole night with makeup on my face. Actually, I’ve never slept a whole night

Fast forward to my early twenties when my skin went through a major catastrophe. Cystic Acne took over the lower part of my face and neck. It was awful. I had developed PCOS. Google it and you’ll see the havoc this condition can unleash on you. How can ovaries do so much damage to my face?!

Nothing helped clear my skin. NOTHING. Years of going to one of “the best” dermatologist made some difference, but not enough. The cysts would return when I would stop all the potions, very aggressive chemical peels and truckloads of antibiotics.

I felt defeated. I was left scarred all over. On top of all this I was developing some baby crows feet around my eye holes. My skin wouldn’t let me be great.

In my industry I am exposed to many new and innovative skincare and cosmetic products. New beauty tools to help keep your eyelids from sagging down to your boobies. New creams and devices that can help make those craters aka acne scars, zit pits, whore pores or whatever else you call them. Lights and lasers that promise to brighten and tighten.

I became obsessed with anti aging and getting rid of these damn scars. Insecure no more.

I started my research and came across a dermal (derma) roller video on YouTube. I found mine here


Yeah. There are needles all over it. They hurt a little but they open up the skin to allow all the serums, creams and unicorn tears to penetrate your skin and work their magic! The cell turnover is quicker when you use a dermal roller. I posted a snippet on my Instagram of me using the roller. The skin does get really red and sometimes it may bleed a little.
The above pic is the day after I used the dermal roller. It’s still a bit red and it’s a little tight. The dark spots will lighten with each use. I’ve been using this for over a year now. They are coming along and getting lighter, they used to be VERY dark brown. My pores aren’t as crater-ish as they used to be. I feel like my skin isn’t producing a gallon of oil per day for a few days after this process.

I use the following mask immediately after using the roller. I love it I feel like it tightens my skin and leaves it moisturized. I purchased this at Sephora



Here I am wearing it. It has blue green algae infused micro spheres that purify, detoxify, refine and smooth wrinkles.

After I rinse the mask off I use these..
You can check it out Here
(there’s also a hyaluronic serum I use in conjunction w/ these two. I finished it then threw it out. My OCD wouldn’t let me dig it out of the trash) The origins cream is sold at any Origins counter or here.

There are other products that I use here and there to exfoliate daily. Mostly this. I love it. Get it. Sephora sells it.


I use Glamglow Brightmud Eye Treatment pods 3 times a week for the dry black puffy circles I’ve had since birth. I use these religiously. Again Sephora.

Once a month I use Glamglow Youthmud just because it feels so damn good

Are you still there? Did you just fast forward to this part? It’s ok. I get it. Long story short, take care of your skin no matter how old or young you are, it’s the only skin you have. It’s the largest organ you have so it’s like super important and stuff.

xo yourface

3 thoughts on “Derma Rollin’ With The Homies

  1. Is this really effective? 🙂 Coz I have a lot of acne scars on my face, and I am planning to get Fraxel Laser treatment this vacation. But I’m still having second thoughts on whether to just buy the derma roller instead of getting the laser… -Jee

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    1. Laser wasn’t an option for me as i have naturally tan skin and my old dermatologist said it would possibly scar me worse. The dermal roller has made a huge difference in the texture of my skin and the color of the scars. they are very light compared to the almost black they used to be. I don’t use it over active breakouts as it will spread bacteria.
      Im just a skincare enthusiast and i decided to take matters into my own hands because no dermatologist was able to effectively help my skin on a consistent basis. I made up my own routine and now my breakouts are few and far between. This works for me.
      Hope this info helps! Best of luck with whatever route you choose to take. xo


      1. Ohh. For me, more than the dark spot scars, I have really deep scars…I haven’t consulted with any dermatologist yet…so probably I should ask them first 🙂 Thank you for the informations!

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