Liquid Suede Makes My Lips Go Yass

All the hype around the NYX Liquid Suede Matte Lipcolors was intense. Every blogger and vlogger that recieved these items before they hit shelves at the local Ulta reviewed them, almost all of them giving 10/10 scores. Thus sending about 10 billion ladies of all ages into a frenzy! The lines were around the corner […]

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Eye Heart This

Everyone loves when their favorite makeup brand comes out with a value set. Don’t front. You know you’re dying to see what I’m talking about… The other day I was fortunate to get my freshly sanitized hands the “Eye Heart Tarte” set! This is an Ulta exclusive. The set includes an Amazonian Clay eyeshadow quad, […]

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Coffee: I Rub It On Me

When I was a teenager my gramma suggested demanded I take the used coffee grounds from the coffee filter and use them on my skin. The look I gave her was that of sheer confusion. The look she shot back at me was the look of someone who meant serious business. Coffee grounds? Is this […]

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