Coffee: I Rub It On Me

When I was a teenager my gramma suggested demanded I take the used coffee grounds from the coffee filter and use them on my skin. The look I gave her was that of sheer confusion. The look she shot back at me was the look of someone who meant serious business.

Coffee grounds? Is this woman out of her mind? The mess in that shower is going to be all mine to clean up! I’m going to reek! ugh.

When you question your elder you must be prepared for the answer. Like, this woman was all about handing me anti-aging and skincare reality checks. This is the same woman who would chase me out of bed with a jar of Pond’s Cold Cream yelling the consequences of sleeping in makeup so loud the neighbors would peer out of their windows trying to figure out who was being tortured.

It was me.

The first time I took the walk of shame I mean glory, to my bathroom holding a bowl full of used coffee grounds, I was dreading the idea of having to clean the mess I was bound to make. I also didn’t want to reek of coffee.

I was absolutely AMAZED at how soft and glowing my skin was. I stood in the mirror staring at myself, then I was over it when I saw the reflection of my grey shower tiles that were now splattered with brown spots: a gritty nightmare.

Fast forward to 2015, I drink coffee everyday. I’m an addict. Don’t you judge me. I keep the grounds in a glass jar in my fridge for my use, 2 times a week. I use a mix of organic espresso, which is super finely ground and an organic regular ground coffee which is slightly coarse. Nothing that is too coarse though. I like my skin on my body..not the bottom of my tub.

The pics below are just to show you the texture you’ll end up with by mixing the two types of coffee together



Get your skin nice and wet. Take your coffee grounds and rub them all over. Step away from the water flow and let the steam, uh, steam you up? Now, I’m going to tell you this: Make sure you really scrub it into any areas where you have cellulite, dry skin and flabby skin. The caffeine helps with smoothing cellulite and it helps tighten skin. The texture of the grounds exfoliate your skin. Dead skin cells be gone!
Hmmm, my gramma never had cellulite or dry flabby skin! She was on to something here.

You may feel a little jittery, that’s just the caffeine, you’ll get used to it. You won’t smell like you live in the garbage can at Starbucks. No worries.

I follow up by washing with my usual shea butter bodywash from Alaffia then moisturizing with my Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Lotion pictured below
(Check out Alaffia They are an amazing brand that puts a lot of love out into the universe.)

However, you can use whatever you would like after the scrub. You could really just rinse and get out. Your skin will be like silk from the natural oils in the coffee grounds. If you’re feeling really fancy and adventurous you should try adding a few drops of tea tree oil or peppermint oil to your grounds. Your body will feel like a dozen unicorn kisses and glitter rainbows. Ha! No, but seriously, you will feel extra smooth and tingly. I promise.
*If you are avoiding caffeine, use decaf. It won’t be the same though. It’ll be boring.*

Obviously I cannot share a picture with you of me using this scrub in the shower. I want you to stick around, I don’t want to scare you off.
Give this a try if you’d like. My gramma swore by it, I swear by it. I don’t have cellulite anywhere on my round body. My flabby skin is at a minimum. The largest organ I have is always exfoliated.

xo yourface

9 thoughts on “Coffee: I Rub It On Me

  1. This looks like so cool to try. I’ve heard that coffee scrubs are good for our skin, but I’ve never heard of the caffiene making your skin feel jittery…definitely have to try it now. ♥ Trina

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