Desperation: My Under Eye Struggle

Maybe I should write a letter to genetics. I’m almost certain my skin conditions are related to my gene pool.

Dear Genetics,

I’ve got oily skin for days. However, as you know the skin under my eyes is another story. Why is this? I thought we were cool? I’m confused. This is costing me a fortune and people look at me weird when I beg and cry for free eye cream samples. Please respond, like immediately.

xo Jenn

No matter what used to do it was always feeling dry. I’ve been so desperate to get moisturized under eye skin. A girl gets tired walking around looking like…


yah know!

Last year I discovered Glamglow’s BrightMud Eye Treatment. I swear by this for so SO many reasons. Hydrates, plumps, soothes, brightens and gets rid of puffiness. I put hydrates first because that’s what it does best in my opinion. It has the Tapwipe Bioactive Technology. It’s “programmed” to work in about 3 minutes by stimulating the lymphatic system and helps reduce fatigue. There’s also 5% Juvelane which is a patented peptide that promotes fast skin cell repair and advanced anti aging.
Here you’ll see me looking like a glorious mess with my bare face wearing my Brightmud Eye Treatment

I am obsessed with anti aging. I don’t want to look older than I am! I love when I get interrogated by strangers who cannot believe how old I am.
Just kidding, nobody cares that much. They probably can’t believe my age because I act like I’m 13.

After I wipe the Glamglow off I follow up with a moisturizing eye cream. Honestly, I have a dozen different eye creams that I can choose from. I typically grab whatever I have within arms reach. Lately I’ve been reaching for the newest eye cream from Philosophy , called Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye. I received a couple of sample sized jars to try out and I really like it so far. It’s been about a week now and I use it day and night. My eyes don’t have as many of the dry patches they used to have. I’ve noticed that my makeup goes on a bit smoother in the eye area. I know I will need to use this for longer than a week to reap the true long term benefits. The ingredients include algae extracts, yeast extracts, Asian fruit extracts and my favorite ingredient hyaluronic acid! Everything listed is know to help smooth, brighten, plump, moisturize and tighten the thin and fragile skin around the eye area.
I really love that 1% of all proceeds go to mental health awareness and treatment for humans living with mental health issues.



I have to remind myself that it is indeed the winter and my skin is doing it’s wintery nonsense. I’m trying to keep it plump, cystic acne free and smooth. Below you’ll see my mini nighttime after cleansing arsenal. I use all of these plus the Philosophy eye cream.

Sidenote: The Cosmedica vitamin c serum spray is LIFE! Spritz my face with that, let it absorb, THEN I put all the other potions on.
I wake up looking like a unicorn with glitter rainbows shooting out of my ears.

The Glamglow was purchased at Sephora.
The Philosophy eye cream is available at Macy’s Impulse counters, Sephora , Ulta and of course on The Philosophy Site!

xo yourface

4 thoughts on “Desperation: My Under Eye Struggle

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