Wait, You Don’t Prime?

If you’re one of those people in the world who refuses wear an eye primer, you’re doing it all wrong. I’m here to school you. If you spend time in the morning/evening doing your makeup and perfecting that damned winged eyeliner only to have your eyeshadow crease and eyeliner melt off your face like that time Spongebob melted into the floor because his feelings were hurt…Have a read and I’ll explain why priming your eyes with this particular primer is a crucial step in your eye makeup application.


This past summer(the hottest summer ever!!) I was introduced to the Tarte Cosmetics CC Eye Primer. CC stands for colored clay. The color of the primer is derived from natural earth pigments. There are no artificial colors or fragrances added to this product. The first time I used it I was loving how close the color was to my actual skintone. The primer is slightly peach in color, which is great for neutralizing any lid discoloration. I used it under my eyes as well just to see what would happen..AWESOME HAPPENED! It totally helped conceal some of the darkness that occupies my under eye area. I served the darkness with an eviction notice that day. It almost totally concealed everything, it made a big difference.
The formula is creamy, Shea butter along with vitamin C & E are star ingredients. Once it’s in place it dries smooth and leaves you with a brilliant canvas to work with. I have surprisingly oily eyelids, well maybe not so surprising as I have an oil well for a face. This helps keep the oil at bay and it prevents shadow from creasing. There is Kaolin in the formula that acts like a degreaser, a sponge that only soaks up oil if you will. It doesn’t dry your skin out at all! It has about 12+ hour wear. My under eye concealer never creases with this primer. Never Ever. Ever.

Here is a shot of the ingredients


Below you can get an idea of the color and texture of the CC Primer.



The color is almost undetectable on the skin once rubbed in. This is what makes it so perfect! You can totally wear this alone if you just want a bare eye look but have dark lids.
I personally love my dark lids, but sometimes I want them to blend with the rest of my face.

Here is a photo of my big ol’ eye with the primer and a little run through the crease of Cover Fx Bronzer in Sunset this is my favorite crease/transition color in the world!
I’m also wearing one coat of Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
I used whatever concealer was left on my brush (wasn’t much) to finish the job the CC Primer started. There is no eyeshadow on my lid.
The highlight you may notice here is from Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Palette.


I swatched some eyeshadows here to show you the color payoff with this primer underneath each shade. The first picture is under bright white non energy efficient light bulbs that kill my electric bill

This next picture is under a low wattage energy efficient light bulb that’s not bright at all, it gives off a natural light

These colors swatched aren’t super pigmented and I wouldn’t wear them without primer underneath as the color payoff would be kind of sheer.

This primer is available at Ulta, Macy’s Impulse counters, Macy’s online , Sephora, and of course on Tarte’s Website .

Get this. You’ll love it. I promise. This is my second one since the summer (July). The first one I ever got was a gift. I became obsessed. I purchased this one today because I finally ran out. Queue the devastating moment music !!
So, I figured I’d finally share with the world what I use! Here ya go.

xo yourface

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