Oh, Faux She Didn’t!

I once purchased a mascara at Wal-Mart a few years back that was bright purple and it had fibers that were already mixed into the mascara. I got home and ran to the bathroom to try it out. I swiped one coat on each eye and thought to myself “Self, this sure is a pretty color. One coat is all you really need! These built in fibers are AMAZING! Your lashes are boss!”

Then something happened. Something bad. My eyes became watery, then red and finally they were an itchy burny mess. Being a complete germ-a-phobe, I was certain the product I purchased was contaminated and placed on the shelf specifically to ruin my life. The product was sealed. I’m just cray cray. I do know I’m allergic to 93% of all things on Earth. I should’ve known better than to try this. I came to the conclusion it was definitely the fibers that caused a reaction and from that moment I swore off fibers. I wanted to love this mascara. I wanted it to love me so bad. I’m just too sensitive. That mascara left me sad and hurt.

For years I’ve avoided using fibers for all the reasons above. A little while ago I got my hands on the new Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibers from Tarte. Now, I am a very honest person and I’m not gonna blow smoke up your butt here..I was scared to use this when I got it. I had a flashback to that terrible day of purple Wal-Mart mascara eye mutilation.

This fiber mascara will be different. It’s from Tarte! I trust Tarte. They wouldn’t hurt my big ol brown eyes!

The first time I used it I made an absolute mess as the mascara and fibers are in separate tubes. This time around I tried the trick I do when I use an eyeshadow that has major fallout: I put a post-it under my eye and it catches everything. The sticky part of the post-it won’t rip your skin off or mess up your foundation.

Below you will find a picture of my lashes in their natural state.

In this next picture I have applied one coat of Lights Camera Lashes Mascara.

Finally, this last set of pictures features the Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibers and a finishing top coat of Lights Camera Lashes Mascara.

I like the look. It doesn’t look like dead insect legs like some Instagram and Facebook promoted faux extension mascaras I’ve seen. It didn’t irritate my eyes at all. I didn’t push my luck by applying more that one “layer” of the fibers. I am content with the end result.

Here are some photos for you to see what you’d be getting if you decide to try Best In Faux. The packaging is absolutely beautiful.






Best In Faux is available at Macy’s Impulse, Sephora , Ulta and on Tarte’s Direct Site

xo yourface

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