My New Favorite Nude Lip

The search for the perfect nude is never-ending for so many of us. Too pink nude, neutral nude, not neutral enough nude, gross nude, where the hell are my lips nude, too yellow nude, too white nude..and the list goes on. You stand there with your little shopping basket in Sephora, Ulta or Macy’s wondering […]

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Wait, You Don’t Prime?

If you’re one of those people in the world who refuses wear an eye primer, you’re doing it all wrong. I’m here to school you. If you spend time in the morning/evening doing your makeup and perfecting that damned winged eyeliner only to have your eyeshadow crease and eyeliner melt off your face like that […]

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A Tale of Two Faces

I’ve always felt as though I needed to wear makeup because my skin was horrendous, my eyes looked like two black holes and it (makeup) was the only thing that gave me an ounce of confidence. Smearing foundation and concealer on my face was the only way for me to be happy. Ten sweeps of […]

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