My New Favorite Nude Lip

The search for the perfect nude is never-ending for so many of us. Too pink nude, neutral nude, not neutral enough nude, gross nude, where the hell are my lips nude, too yellow nude, too white nude..and the list goes on.

You stand there with your little shopping basket in Sephora, Ulta or Macy’s wondering what the hell to get. You end up with a nude you’re 100% positive is so different from anything you have sitting in your “nude lip stash drawer”. Ultimately, you’ll come to the sad realization that the nude you just spent 47 minutes contemplating and then purchasing, is, unfortunately, identical or very similar to what you already have and don’t use. It’s still not what you’re looking for. It’s always “too” something.
The disappointment is real.

If you’re reading this and you’ve never had this problem, stop now and check out one of my other posts. You won’t be interested in what’s next.

I’m about to share with you my new favorite, perfect nude. Like, real nude and really moisturizing, sexy “ooh my lips look amazing nude”, nude.

Tarte Park Ave. Princess





Of course there’s pics of my lips and my silly face and big eyes. Hopefully, you’ll approve.



Longevity, 3 hours with a little fading. It survives my cup of coffee and 3 waters. I like to reapply often just to keep it looking solid.
Moisture, duh. Super moisturizing.

This is available online through Tarte, Sephora, Ulta and at Macy’s Impulse counters. Retails for $17.

xo yourface

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