Liquid Suede Makes My Lips Go Yass

All the hype around the NYX Liquid Suede Matte Lipcolors was intense. Every blogger and vlogger that recieved these items before they hit shelves at the local Ulta reviewed them, almost all of them giving 10/10 scores. Thus sending about 10 billion ladies of all ages into a frenzy! The lines were around the corner […]

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My New Favorite Nude Lip

The search for the perfect nude is never-ending for so many of us. Too pink nude, neutral nude, not neutral enough nude, gross nude, where the hell are my lips nude, too yellow nude, too white nude..and the list goes on. You stand there with your little shopping basket in Sephora, Ulta or Macy’s wondering […]

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The Trend Villain: Volume 1

Ugh. You know?! Sometimes a product comes out that I want to love so bad and no matter how hard I try… I just can’t even deal! Too Faced Melted Lipsticks are those things I wanted to love. However, after several attempts to make the colors I chose to sample this week work, I am […]

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NARSissism For My Birthday

I am a VIB Rouge at Sephora. I am not proud to admit the fact I have this status like most people who reach it. When the cashier looked up and said “Oh, look you have reached Rouge status!” I cringed. Those words confirmed my addiction to makeup and Sephora. I’ve always maintained the ever […]

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Fat Lips

I am seeing these devices all over Instagram, The Twitter and Facebook that promise to give you the plump lips you desire. The price point is actually laughable. Last year I posted a picture of my lips on Instagram before I took the cap from my deodorant to my lips. I then posted a collage […]

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MAKE Your Face

I’m one of the millions of adults on the planet suffering from chronic insomnia. I almost never sleep. Most of the time I am up until the sun peeks through my windows like a creep. I fill those wee morning hours by stalking all social media platforms. I scroll through my Twitter feed for a […]

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Give Lipstick A Chance

Lipstick and I go way back. We go back to the mid-late 90’s when raisin, nude beige and iridescent fuchsia were totally acceptable colors to wear with an almost black lip liner. Yeah. There was that. Some people dig that look to this very day. Just, go ahead and be yourself. As an adult I […]

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