The Trend Villain: Volume 1

Ugh. You know?! Sometimes a product comes out that I want to love so bad and no matter how hard I try… I just can’t even deal!
Too Faced Melted Lipsticks are those things I wanted to love. However, after several attempts to make the colors I chose to sample this week work, I am waiving my white flag. I’m giving up on this “let’s try to make this work” battle. This trend in liquid lipsticks is a no go for this old lady.

Melted Villain
Blackish-Purple, this color looks like an old moldy deep red wine grape exploded on my lips and left a gooey, shiny mess. The application was kind of smooth and there was minimal streaking. However, it was thick and exactly like lipgloss. I kind of hate lipgloss. It gets all over everything. The color bled out into my micro-wrinkles in and around my lips.
I will say after about 2 hours, the dark color faded, I was left with a nice wine stain. That stain still had some dark purple lingering in all the fine lines as you can see below

Melted Sugar
This is a very pale nude. Like, if you’re super fair skinned, this color will be your perfect nude. If you are super tan and love to have very pale lips you’ll love this. (Even though that horrendous trend died 2 summers ago) I felt this color was a pain in the butt to get a smooth consistent finish. It was VERY streaky. Maybe if I mixed it with a darker nude it would work out or maybe not so much. Should I give it the old college try? No. I’m too old for that and trying over and over gets exhausting. Once the color faded, after about an hour and a half, I was left with Ashy Larry lips. If you have ever watched an episode of Chappelle’s Show you’ll get that reference. My lips were dry and looked weird.
In one of the pics in the collage I added a tan filter to show what the color would look like if you are really tan. The others have no filter at all.

A fellow artist on Instagram suggested I mix the two colors together, I did. This is what happened

Melted Grape Vomit

So there you have it. I will stick with my regular lipsticks, the kind that does not settle into every line on my lips. Maybe I’m not into the Instagram crazy lip color/ texture trends?

The Too Faced Melted collection is available at Macy’s Impulse counters, Sephora, Ulta and here at Too Faced .


xo yourface

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