NARSissism For My Birthday

I am a VIB Rouge at Sephora. I am not proud to admit the fact I have this status like most people who reach it. When the cashier looked up and said “Oh, look you have reached Rouge status!” I cringed. Those words confirmed my addiction to makeup and Sephora. I’ve always maintained the ever so indulgent VIB status. That’s when you spend $350 per calendar year. Rouge means that you’ve spent over $1000 in the calender year. Rouge confirms that I need to find a better way to invest my money. I am able to enjoy the benefits of VIB Rouge status for the entire year of 2015.
Trust me, 2016 I will not be a Rouge. I’m scraping the surface of my massive make up collection that includes 100’s of items I have yet to even open. It’s sickening.
My first ever blog post on this site was about my makeup addiction. Read it here.

So, anyway the title of this blog isn’t “Read About My Journey To VIB Rouge Status and Other First World Problems.”

My birthday was last month and I ordered a few things from Sephora. A little window popped up to let me know there was a birthday gift waiting for me! There it was. The 2015 NARS Birthday Gift for VIB Rouge Elitists Members!
In the NARS “Another Year Bolder” gift you get






It’s late and the only color that I felt like trying on was “Cruella”. Don’t be mad ok? Ha! Who am I kidding, Maleficent was just on and this red is life!


xo yourface

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