The Makeup Struggle

Some of us are born with that impulsive, compulsive and easily distracted shopper gene. Going into a store for a shower oil and getting sidetracked by shiny glittery things and everything else I don’t need. Ultimately walking out of the store with a high that literally leaves me tingling and dare I say accomplished? It Begins- Slowly the nagging whispers of guilt begin to take over my surroundings, they grow insidiously louder threatening me to return my glorious beauty products to their home on the shelf…or else. Yes, or else- Or else? Oh really voices in my head?!? Rent, car, groceries and that college fund that’s been stuck at “I can only afford two textbooks and a pack of pencils” for 3 years. But, I NEED it- That moment when self control is a term my brain insists it has never heard and simply cannot comprehend. The necessities listed 2 sentences prior take the backseat and those nagging whispers win! Alas- There I stand with arms struggling to hold a mountain of eyeshadow pallets, pressed powders, glitter and foundations. Hmmm- Did I even remember to buy the damn shower oil? My Makeup Struggle is very real. image xo yourface

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