MAKE Your Face

I’m one of the millions of adults on the planet suffering from chronic insomnia. I almost never sleep. Most of the time I am up until the sun peeks through my windows like a creep. I fill those wee morning hours by stalking all social media platforms. I scroll through my Twitter feed for a laugh, I make the mistake of reading too deeply into some things I see on Facebook. Ya know the drill. Then, there’s Instagram. Ah yes, my love. Instagram has introduced me to some amazing things. It allows me to live vicariously through others whilst I sit here with black circles setting up shop around my eye holes.

During one of my late night Insta-stalking sessions I came across MAKE. I scrolled through their Instagram and instantly fell in love with their minimalist art, classic vibes, textures and colors. Their approach to beauty is interesting. Classic beauty with a major modern minimalist influence. Or you could just describe it as brilliant. That works as well. You must visit their site. It’s very clean and easy to navigate. With every click you’ll find an inspiring beauty story. Their color palettes are artist, trend and era inspired.

The line also gives back in a big way locally and globally.
MAKE is described as “the first for benefit brand of We See Beauty”. This brand is meant to boost local economies and strengthen communities. The best part for me as a New Yorker: they are located right here in NYC. Everything is made here in the USA. 33.3% of each sale made on their website goes directly to their foundation. If you purchase MAKE cosmetics at Barney’s locations 10% will go to the foundation. I will always choose the shop direct option. If you’d like to learn more of their story read it here.


I placed an order a few weeks ago for the MAKE sampler set and for the Celeste e Verde palette. The palette is a collaboration with designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh.




The Sampler Set
This set has a makeup remover, 2 sample size eyeshadows in the colors Bentonite Clay and Cement, Maraschino Cherry red lipstick and a sample tube of foundation in Warm 2. The set sells for $10. Everything with the exception of the foundation are a great match for all skintones. However, if you have fair skin the foundation may match you well. I could probably use it as a base for my highlight.

The “Celeste e Verde” Palette (Maryam Nasser Zadeh for MAKE)
This palette features ALL matte eyeshadows and lipsticks! The palette retails for $40. Yes and Amen. When I saw this palette the colors smacked me in the face and screamed BUY ME! My favorite eyeshadow colors are all of them, so there. I haven’t yet touched the lip colors to my mouth, so we shall see. I have swatched all colors below.


The eyeshadows applied smooth for the most part. The color “Celeste” was very powdery and was the least pigmented. I’ll make it work, no worries. The lip colors are opaque and smooth. They are more of a satin matte finish. The swatches stayed on my arm for about 3 hours before they started to fade. All colors survived what I call “The Flannel Test”. It’s when I put on one of my old man flannel shirts and do errands all day in full face makeup.

The look below uses all colors in the eyeshadow part of the palette. The color Palermo is a beautiful cross between chartreuse and mustard. I’m in love with it. I decided to make that my focus color. The look is all about softly blended color blocking. I think it looks cool. If you don’t, be sure to comment and I’ll go cry about it. Not.


Currently, MAKE is sold at Barney’s and online at weseebeauty. If you’re feeling artsy and you’d like to get some beautiful makeup that gives back, check them out.

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