Eye Won

So, I won a contest on Instagram. MAKE was holding a contest for the hashtag #MAKEloves. They wanted IG’ers to post pics of unexpected moments that inspire them. I posted 2 pics: The first pic was when my son put on an impromptu show of various songs he had taught himself on the guitar one day. He really brightened my day. The second pic was of wall art he surprised me with on Valentine’s Day.

He calls me Mam or Merm. He’s never called me “mom”. He is my inspiration in this life.

I recently ordered a palette and the sampler set. I was immediately in love with the brand and the quality. If you would like, you can read more about their mission here.

Erm, is she ever going to tell us what she won??


The package came with a nice handwritten note and these beautiful cards. Art is truly everywhere. Everything is so beautifully made. I received the following items:

The Defining Mascara in “Black”-This mascara is JET black and super creamy. This formula is not free from parabens. Typically I don’t use products that contain parabens so I put my Tarte Lash Primer on first to coat my lashes. My lashes were nice, long, ultra dark and clump free. If MAKE ever reformulated without parabens, this could easily knock my Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara out of its #1 spot.

The Brow Pen in “Collected”-This is a lovely pen. It reminds me of a fine mini paint brush. This is the 1st time I’ve ever used a brow pen/marker. I really like it. I am looking forward to using this a lot in the near future.

The Gel Eyeliner pencil in the color “Heavy Metal”- Um, so like, yeah, this color is perfect for a super quick smoked out dirty metallic taupe-goldish eye. I was so excited when I saw the color that I used it before I even took a proper photograph of it! Brilliant color payoff, it doesn’t move at all once it sets. It’s the wet dream of a smudgey smokey eye makeup fiend. This will be getting ordered during their 30% off MAKEKIN30 sale that runs through 3/1/2015. Check them out Here of you’d like.






Why in the heck is she only showing us an eye?
Because, that’s why! No, but seriously, today was my day off and I could only muster up the energy to do one eye. If you ever see me around town shopping on my day off, I look like a road kill opossum that returned from the dead and decided it needed to make an emergency trip to Urban Outfitters.

Here’s the eye


xo yourface

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