The Volcano and The Lip Stain

You know that feeling when you lose your favorite something? It could be a lipstick, a makeup brush, your favorite accessory or anything you feel you cannot look put together without?
In my case my favorite Sephora Cream Lip Stain in #04 went missing. First, let me explain, it took me months of stalking the stores and the site for this color. When I finally got my grubby hands on it, I was in pure materialistic love.
Shame on me, right? I never said I was a perfect human.
I kept it in a special part of my brush belt so I would Never lose it. What a fool. Things get lost all the time. Especially if they belong to me. Jenn, the girl who loses stuff.
The rage and the desperation churns in my gut and I feel like one of my worse 1st world problems is closing in on me. Where in the hell is it! On top of that, my day and week are forming into a volcano ready to blow at any moment. Nothing is working out well. Boo hoo..

Is this MY volcano moment? Will this one missing lip stain cause my volcano to erupt?

Then I plop down on the couch that now only has 1 cushion left. There are throw pillows sprawled out across the wooden floor. My personal makeup kit is in total disarray. An absolute mess. That brush belt must’ve eaten my lip stain! A frown that just won’t quit has found its way to my face. It is giving me premature wrinkles. If my gramma were still here she’d say, “Girl, pick that bottom lip up off the floor. You’re over here mad about such a silly thing! Get over yourself.” She was always right and always there.

The truth is when you have a lot going on in your life, good or bad, it can take something as silly as a missing lip stain to make you feel down and out. You know what I mean? In my case, I find this to be true. Maybe I’m too easily affected by things.

I look across my living space and see something under my rocking chair, next to my dusty yoga mat and untouched in months kettle bell…it’s the lip stain. What the heck?! How did it get there? Who’s going to clean up this mess I made during my frantic search?

It doesn’t matter, I found it. All is a bit calmer than it was on the grey island that is my brain. Perhaps finding this was the beginning to a brighter, better week. My volcano has been silenced for the night.

xo yourface


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