Fat Lips

I am seeing these devices all over Instagram, The Twitter and Facebook that promise to give you the plump lips you desire. The price point is actually laughable. Last year I posted a picture of my lips on Instagram before I took the cap from my deodorant to my lips. I then posted a collage of before, during and after. The results lasted for many hours. My lips were fat, pink and almost all the little lines were gone. See the collage below

Please excuse my skin. I was going through it last winter!

Step 1. Find your deodorant and remove the cap. Clean it off if it’s gross.

Step 2. Put cap over your not so plump lips. Get ready for the magic to happen.

Step 3. As you GENTLY pull the cap away from your lips, suck the air out by breathing IN through your mouth.

Step 4. Repeat until you get desired results 

Step 5. Put on your favorite gloss or lipstick. I would use a lip plumping gloss/treatment for added benefits.
*check out my blog post on Kaplan MD Perfect Pout

So, there you have it. Save where you can, right?

Disclaimer- I am NOT a plastic surgeon. I am just a woman who loves pouty lips and will try anything once or three times to see how well it works for me. This may not be your thing and I am in no way telling you what to do with those lips on your face.

xo yourface

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