Wipe That Face Off Of Your Face!

I stand there staring at my face in the bathroom mirror after a long day. For the most part my foundation is still intact, except where I have that reoccurring “nervous” itch in the middle of my forehead. It’s red there. All the time.
There’s some major oil slicks happening all over my round face. It’s like a brown paper bag that once housed greasy donuts. mmm donuts. focus

Some days I have no idea what to reach for to remove my face of the day. Mostly it depends on 3 things:

1. How many layers of foundation and powder am I wearing on top of my “oil control” primer? (whomp whomp)

2. What kind of mascara am I wearing? Hardcore ultra thick long wear that will rip my lashes out or the gentle easy kind that leaves my lashes intact when I try to remove it?

3. What’s the closest thing to makeup remover within reach from my couch? Hmm, walking is hard. I am lazy. *searches for old jar of Pond’s Cold Cream in cushions*

I was in Rite Aid the other day and came across Simple Skincare. I was focused on the makeup remover products. I silently screamed, yes! I am simple! I like simple things! Especially when it comes to my sensitive, cystic acne prone skin that is oily as all hell during the day but seems to be moonlighting as a desert on these winter nights. I’ll take it!

I am very cautious with what I use on my skin no matter what it is; especially makeup remover. Sometimes I can’t wash my face immediately following the use of my makeup remover. So, if it’s going to be sitting there for a few hours while I chill on the couch it can’t clog my pores or feel sticky.

The ingredient lists on all of the Simple products aren’t 7 paragraphs long. There are no parabens, no harsh chemicals to aggravate my temperamental skin and it is free from artificial dyes and fragrances. The products I purchased range from $6-$8. I picked up 2 packs of the cleansing wipes, eye makeup remover wipes and the Micellar Cleansing water. The wipes and the water are very clean. They don’t leave any residue on my skin and they remove EVERYTHING.
Today I happened to be wearing Benefit Cosmetics “Yes, They’re Real Mascara”. If you are familiar you know it’s a nightmare to remove. It will leave you looking like a lashless hot mess if you don’t take proper precautions to remove it. These wipes took it off with no problem at all. The formula broke the mascara down and wiped it away effortlessly. I was shocked as these wipes are oil free and alcohol free! These are ophthalmologist tested and safe for you contact wearers.
These are a new staple in my arsenal. I’m sensitive and they totally take care of my eyes.
I used the Micellar Water to remove the rest of my face and it did an amazing job. My skin was soft and not tight or super dry. I didn’t need to wash it off either as there was no residue.


I figured you would like to see the filth that was on my face in the pics above. I made a collage for you! Don’t you loath it love it?!

While I watched Nashville I decided I would follow up with a quick at home faux spa treatment with my GlamGlow ThirstyMud and BrightMud Eye Treatment . I washed this all off in the shower then followed up with my usual nightly skincare routine. My skin is super soft and smooth.

Gorgeous yeah?

Overall I would suggest giving the Simple Makeup Remover Line a try if you want an easy way to wipe THAT face off of your face.

xo yourface

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