Nobody Puts My Pout In The Corner! Nobody.

How many of you have “perfect” lips? Share. I want them. I have an uneven top lip. My lips are often dry. I kind of wish they were a bit fuller. It’s ok. My therapist is totally helping me get over it.

Over the years I’ve come across many products that have promised to enhance my natural lip shape and color. Promises of a fuller more sexy pouty lip. Promises of long lasting results. Some worked by burning my lips up with cinnamon oil,”snake venom”, capsaicin, peppermint oil, spearmint extract, menthol,pepper resins, blah blah snore. You get the idea. I’ve even created my own homemade plumper-scrub hybrid. It made my lips red and dry as all hell. Probably because it was pure cayenne pepper, ground ginger and crushed peppermint.

There is a new product on the market by Kaplan MD Beverly Hills called “Perfect Pout”. It is a lip mask and lip balm duo that claims to hydrate, plump and protect. It’s free of all the scary stuff like Parabens, Sulfates, Petrolatum and the greatest evil of them all Gluten!
Low on the ingredient list is Stevia. I’ve had some sensitivity to Stevia in my life when it was in food or drinks. Since I’m not eating this mask, I think I’ll be ok. I’ve been using it for several days now. The mask hasn’t irritated my skin or anything terrible at this point. I believe the Stevia in this product is left in a more ‘pure’ state unlike the Stevia you’d find at the supermarket, which is often processed with alcohols and other chemicals. yay, no Epi-pen needed! There is a list of ingredients that you can view right here.



The Mask
The purpose of the mask is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around and on the lips, redefine the lip contour, exfoliate, plump and “quench lips with intense cellular hydration”. Upon opening the jar the product had a slightly sweet smell and was white in color. I used the spatula included to put the product on my deflated, uneven and dehydrated lips.




Looks yum, yeah?
At first I didn’t feel anything spectacular happening…then all of a sudden I felt this familiar sensation I’ve only felt with one other lip plumper called Sexy MotherPucker by Soap n Glory many years ago.
The sensation feels like T.V. static would probably feel like if you could actually feel it. By now you know my descriptions are weird. It was awesome and cooling and I didn’t want to wipe it off! Maybe it’s all the organic extracts, marine collagen peptides and 2 types of hyaluronic acid in the formula?! Thumbs up. I dig it. Below are the before and after I applied my nightly lip balm from Alba Botanica

My lips were super soft and cushiony after the first use. It is the winter and in NY the weather is 20 degrees everyday. My lips desperately needed this treatment. The pics you see above are from today, the 4th evening of me using it. I used it once the other day in the morning. So, do the math and it’s a total of 5 uses.
Is it Magical? No. But, my lips have never felt this soft during the winter. For a few days now my lipstick has been going on smoother and not pulling into the tiny lines on my lips. Do I notice any significant fullness? Not really. I suppose in time with consistent use I may see some difference. I hope I see a difference. Are the contours of my lips more defined? I can’t tell really because I’m so focused on how soft my lips are! Ha! But seriously, I don’t see any more definition in the contours of my lips.

The Lip Balm
The lip balm has sunscreen in it to protect your lips from sun damage. The sunscreens found in the balm are chemical. I am not a fan of the chemical based sunscreens as they tend to enter the blood stream and disrupt the endocrine system. I’ve always tried to stay clear of chemical sunscreens in my cosmetics. The 1st sunscreen ingredient listed is Octinoxate 7.5%. I take my suncare seriously. I research every year to see new warnings for common ingredients used. This ingredient is a no no for me.
I will be skipping the lip balm portion of this product. I have several other lip balms that contain mineral sunscreens that work great. This is just my preference, use whatever you choose.

All in all, Kaplan MD did good here. I would absolutely buy this again simply because it’s super moisturizing and I like the feels. Maybe in the future they will sell the mask separately from the balm. I’d buy it.
You can order it at Sephora and it is also available in Sephora stores.

xo yourface

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