Quick Oil Slick

If you can make it through an entire day without having enough oil on your face to fry chicken or shine your shoes with, I probably, not so secretly, hate you. I’ve got oil for days on this here face. The weather has changed and with that my oil production has risen to level “OMG! Clean up on aisle Jenn’s face please!”. That’s a real thing. In my head there is a loud speaker..

I do oil control masks, all sorts of home remedies, blotting papers, oil absorbing powders and blah blah snore. Nothing has been working these past few weeks.
I’ve also been breaking out quite a bit, however, I got that under control with my homemade Red Clay and Tumeric Mask. My breakouts have calmed down significantly.

The other day I was in Macy’s and stopped at the Origins counter and decided to try some stuff. I am on a strict budget but, I was literally at my wits end with my oily face. Plus, keeping my skin looking good is a major part of my job. I picked up 2 items from the Zero Oil line. The Deep Pore Cleanser, $21 and the Zero Oil Instant Matte Finish for Shiny Places, $15. I also received a free Ginger Body Wash!


There are no terrible ingredients listed on the labels of either of these. You all should know by now how I feel about know irritants, fragrances, scary oils and parabens.

The cleanser lathers up fairly well. My skin was super clean and not dry at all. This didn’t leave me feeling tight. Some cleansers do that and I find that my skin struggles and produces a ton more oil.
The Zero Oil treatment felt different than anything I’ve ever put on my face before. It felt wet then it felt super dry. It wasn’t uncomfortable or anything. It was just, different. I was able to apply my makeup immediately. I didn’t use my usual mattifying primers this time around. I can’t believe I’m about to type these words BUT….
I may never need to use my mattifying primers again. This left me with a smooth super matte surface.

The verdict
My skin was virtually oil free for about 7 hours. Only the slightest shine on my nose and cheeks at the 7th hour. My face didn’t feel suffocated or tight. No dry patches, cakey or oxidized makeup. All is well on my face as my day comes to an end.


xo yourface

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