Sunburn, I Think Not

One blistering summer day way back when, I went to Warped Tour. I strolled through the open field under an unforgiving sun. I was dehydrated and sweating through my skull & crossbone tank top. My scene hair was a giant sweaty sun-bleached catastrophe.
As the day went on I forgot to reapply my sunscreen. Ok FINE! I didn’t bring it with me. Within the first hour I had sweated it all off. So I was pretty screwed. Later that night I went home looking like a freckled lobster. I’m sure my old MySpace account holds some pictures of this tragedy.
I can’t remember my password.

Fast forward to me being a full on responsible adult who wears and carries sunscreen daily.
It’s in the majority of my makeup. I only use mineral based sunscreen these days. There is an annual report that gives the world product knowledge on all new and long standing suncare products. I find this list super helpful in finding the least toxic suncare products on the market.

I just got the new TarteGuard 30. This is a brand new product on the market and a first for Tarte. This is not a chemical based sunscreen! Sunscreen snobs rejoice. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are the sunscreens listed.

Here you can read all of the drug fact information. That is the .gov official report, so it’s legit info. Or you can just look down below:



Needless to say the packaging is brilliant. It’s in a super vibrant neon fuschia-hot pinkish glass bottle with neon orange-deep coral writing. I’m an artist, please excuse my crazy color descriptions.

The bottle has a silicone sleeve wrapped around it. I KNOW that Tarte had me in mind when they designed this packaging. I am clumsy as all heck and I throw things around in my bag and makeup stash. This innovative sleeve will prevent me from destroying the bottle and having a bloody mess everywhere.



Don’t you love my little seashells? One of the benefits of living super close to the ocean.

So, what’s so great?
The product has a very light scent. I appreciate that because I am sensitive to fragrance. I will probably use this on my body more so than on my face for that reason.
I currently use La Roche Posay unscented mineral sunscreen for face and the one for body. That brand feels a bit sticky if you sweat. I’m a sweaty monster.

The consistency of TarteGuard is thin, but not runny at all. Think of a conditioner you want to use every last drop of so you put a little water in it and shook it up.


I used this on my arms, neck and chest. There was no stickiness as it was absorbed by my skin almost immediately. It didn’t leave my hands feeling gross and coated with product. There was NO white cast left behind like most sunscreens tend to leave. There was just a slight sheen. Like, a nice sheen that looked like I actually took time to put lotion on my body instead of running out of the house looking like a dried out golden raisin.


It wasn’t a particularly hot day here in New York. But the sun was blinding. I sweat a lot, as I’ve stated before. Through my sweaty day under hot lights at work, the TarteGuard didn’t get weird and tacky.


So far I like this. It has the potential to replace my long standing sunscreen by La Roche Posay for body. I would love to see an unscented version of this because I would love to use it on my face. The ease of one product to do all would be ace!

I love that Tarte holds true to their cruelty free roots. I’m excited to use this as the weather transitions into the usual blistering humid New York summer.

This is available on Tarte’s site and Sephora’s website. The 1.7 oz bottle retails for $32 and the 0.4 oz retails for $12.

xo yourface

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