Confessions of a Mascara Junkie

It all started way back when in 199_. My Gramma left a mascara from Mary Kay laying on her vanity. I applied it perfectly and by perfectly I mean 3 passes of the thickly coated nylon bristled wand over my 10 year old eyelashes leaving behind jet black chunky lashes! For some reason I liked the look, it reminded me of Tami Faye Baker and her lashes that stood out on television. They also withstood her endless trail of tears.
My gramma was impressed. Ha! No, she wasn’t. Pond’s Cold Cream worked magic that day.

Fast forward to my late teens/early 20’s and I was all about the strip false eyelashes or wearing Wet & Wild mega black mascara, about 7 layers of it.

At my age now and with the sensitive eyes I have, I have toned down the dramatic lash obsession. Don’t get me wrong, I still maintain a very healthy collection of mascaras from the drugstore to Chanel. Im all about what looks and feels natural and wakes my old eyes up. I recently came across a new soon to be launched mascara from Benefit. Roller Lash Mascara is referred Β to as “The mascara that hooks, lifts and curls”. I will be the first to admit the idea of a mascara wand with bristles that hook onto my lashes scared the hell out of me.

The brush is nowhere near as scary as I thought. It looks like your standard curved mascara wand at first glance. The silicone bristles are of various widths and lengths. They kind of remind me of a “cross action” toothbrush? Does that make sense to anyone? It makes sense to me, because my brain works weird that way. I have to compare it to something don’t I?!
Please excuse the following pic of blur because my camera is on the fritz:

Below I have my Before, 1 Coat and 2 Coat pics:



Overall, I like the formula. There are no funny smells that annoy my senses. My eyes didn’t tear up or itch. The texture is very smooth and only appears to get a little clumpy on the second coat. I did not comb my lashes between coats. Maybe next time it will result in a smooth clump free finish if I do that. The color is what I will describe as “mild” black. Not super ultra black like the Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara. It’s black enough though. I like it. I like when I went to remove it, it didn’t rip out any lashes and it didn’t leave behind any smudges. The packaging doesn’t state anywhere that it is a waterproof formula but promises up to 12 hour wear.
The “Roller Lash” will be available Friday, February 27th at 10am onΒ It will also be at Sephora stores (and online) and Macy’s counters everywhere.
xo yourface

15 thoughts on “Confessions of a Mascara Junkie

  1. I just love reading your blogs! It’s so easy to relate to, and I get a good giggle every time. Now… tomorrow I’m probably going to go out and get some of this. Keep up this awesome writing!

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  2. I really like this post. Benefit seem to be keeping quite hushed about this at the minute but I’m about to include it in one of my posts, I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to link your post into mine if that’s ok? Xx

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