Give Lipstick A Chance

Lipstick and I go way back. We go back to the mid-late 90’s when raisin, nude beige and iridescent fuchsia were totally acceptable colors to wear with an almost black lip liner. Yeah. There was that. Some people dig that look to this very day. Just, go ahead and be yourself.

As an adult I don’t wear lipstick daily because I feel like the upkeep is too much for me during the day. I talk a lot. Like, I never shut up. I also eat. A LOT.  Lipstick doesn’t appreciate my talking or eating. Lipstick shows its disapproval of my actions by smearing itself onto random parts of my face or clothes, bleeding into the fine lines around my mouth and sometimes it seemingly jumps off of my lips into the abyss.
Without a trace as though it was never ever there…

There was a moment when I decided that I’d give lipstick another chance.

The other night I was in Kohl’s trying to decide what to spend my Kohl’s cash on.
There they were sitting there on the shelf all alone waiting for me to pick them up.
The Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick Collection. Yes. I would love to add these beauties to my collection of lipsticks I stare at everyday and almost never wear. Maybe these will be different!


Individually these are about $19. In this set you get 5 for $35. It’s seriously a great deal. Just go buy it. I’ll be in your head cheering you on.

The texture of these matte lipsticks is smooth and creamy upon application. They didn’t feel dry like some mattes I’ve come across. The color is completely opaque. Each swatch below is two swipes of color. There is no distinct scent to these. I swatched all the colors but I decided to wear one on my lips for 3 hours (Seductress). The staying power is there. I plowed through a plate of guacamole w/ tortilla chips; the lipstick was still in tact with only the slightest show of wear. The lipstick didn’t “pill” up around the inner rim of my lips like many mattes tend to do. My lips were not tight and crackly looking (if you’re a matte lipstick fan you know what I mean!) I didn’t use a primer, just a clear lip balm from Marc Jacobs. 

The following pictures are of my swatched arm and then my lips.



All in all I do like these. I can see them making their way into my daily or every other day makeup routine. The Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick Collection is currently available exclusively at Kohl’s.

xo yourface

9 thoughts on “Give Lipstick A Chance

  1. Love the humor in this article…made me crack up. I usually only wear lipstick to formal events since it takes so long to apply, and then reapply later…but I feel if I had a really good quality lipstick, I might be able to work it into my everyday routine. My favorite color is definitely seductress. ♥ Trina

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