We All Have A Neck

I have a love for sheet masks that is a pure and uncomplicated kind of love. When I entered the Karuna Luxe contest on Instagram.
I wasn’t expecting to W-I-N.


I was so excited when I got the email. I was super stoked in the mini blog I wrote about it a few weeks ago. When I received the package in the mail I was ecstatic!

The packaging is beautiful, exactly what you would expect from Karuna. I received the Skin Regenerating Neck Mask. . There are 4 masks per box and they retail for $56.




The ingredients are excellent for treating skin that has been through it all over time.  The mask is not made of cotton like most masks I have come across over the past year. These are made from Bio-Cellulose. This flappy, skin-like  “material” is known to help support skin cell recovery and to help keep the other ingredients from completely oxidizing or evaporating before they get the chance to do amazing things for your neck.
I am listing the ingredients that stood out to me as I scanned the box:

Aloe– soothing, cooling, healing 
Lactobacillus Ferment– Major anti-inflammatory, softens
Sunflower Seed Oil– Super moisturizing, anti aging
Kendi Oil- Smoothing, healing, moisturizing
Peptides– Renewing, anti aging
Rosemary– Detoxifying
Konjac Root Powder– Brightening

There are SO many more beautiful and beneficial ingredients listed here.


The application of the mask was simple enough. Cold, yes. Smelled like fresh botanicals, yes. Stayed put, absolutely. Personally, I think every sheet mask needs to be made of this material. My neck piece absorbed everything beautifully and effectively. You hear that Karuna? You did good.
I left it on for almost an hour. Mostly because it felt like second skin and I forgot I was wearing it until my son mentioned that my neck was starting to fall off. kids.
I rubbed the remaining serum-cream hybrid I scooped from the packet into my skin. My neck was smooth and not sticky at all. Honestly, I would like to see this serum sold on it’s own, in a glass pump bottle of greatness. If Karuna had an entire line of skincare, I’m talking cleansers to moisturizers to serums on serums on serums. fingers crossed.
I would totally invest in it.



You can purchase these masks on Karuna’s site. They can also be purchased at
Sephora.com or Ulta.com.

Xo yourface

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