Dull Skin: Someone Needs to Get Their Life

If you suffer from acne scarring and major league oily skin: Read On. Seriously. Get your life. Right Now.

I have shared in the past a homemade mask that I swear by when my skin is on the fritz. I mean when NOTHING else works to banish my cystic acne flare ups, this helps me tremendously.

I use a very similar treatment for when my skin decides to go into major oil overload or when I am battling acne scars that seem like they never want to leave. This mask is loaded with vitamin c, Moroccan red clay, healing rice water and of course tea tree oil.
Rice water is amazing for healing scars, brightening and smoothing skin. Vitamin C is exfoliating and brightening. Moroccan red clay is smoothing, healing and exfoliating. You already know, tea tree oil is life in a bottle.

I didn’t take pics of my step by step process but i did take a scary close up of my face!

The black flecked gel around my eyes is the Glamglow BrightMud eye pods. Those are great for tired eyes, dark circles and dry skin. I swear by these.

The recipe for my brightening mask:
1 tablespoon of Moroccan Red Clay Powder
1/2 teaspoon of tumeric powder
1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
2 drops of tea tree oil
Enough rice water to make these ingredients into a thin paste
*Rice Water: put 3 tablespoons of rice into a bowl and rinse once. Fill bowl with enough warm water to cover the rice. Swish around and the milky water is what you will use in this recipe.

Apply mask to freshly cleaned, towel dried skin. I like to massage it in for a little extra exfoliation.

Leave it on until it’s so dry and you can’t laugh or yell. You will literally see the oil spots that have been pulled from your skin.

Wash it off with warm water and follow up with your usual skincare (toner, moisturizer, etc)*If your skin is stained a wee bit yellow, no pun intended, you can take a piece of lemon and rub it all over your face to remove the stain. Then, follow with usual skincare.*

Have a go at it. You’ll love how bright and not greasy your face will be for a few days.

Xo yourface

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