Once Upon a Sheet Mask

As if you couldn’t tell, I Jennifer Lynn, have an obsession with sheet masks. I am obsessed with skincare and will often try anything from homemade concoctions to super ridiculously priced skincare that contains the tears of diamond encrusted unicorns.

There is a company out there that pours their heart and soul into their products. Wait..are we calling Karuna an Indie brand? Yes? Ok. Cool.
Karuna is a brand you need to get familiar with. I’ve blogged a little about their sheet masks. I have been consistently using their Clarifying + or the Antioxidant cotton sheet mask once or twice a week. From each cotton magic in a pouch, my skin receives a blessing of glow, decongestion, clarity and smoothness.

I have no idea what to do with my face here.

Jenn, get to the point.
I follow them on Instagram. . You should be following them also. They had a contest. I wrote a review on their website about my favorite sheet mask. Then, something magic happened. I WON! I was lucky to be chosen as one of their contest winners. I will be receiving the Karuna Luxe Skin Regenerating Neck Mask.

My neck has seen better days. Hopefully this will help me out! Super stoked to share this with you!
Ciao turkey neck!
Xo yourface
picture featured is directly from the Karuna site

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