Velvet Plum For Your Eyes, Not Your Mouth

Misleading title much?

Once again I find myself buzzing about my apartment digging through my hoards of makeup that I have stashed in random containers and drawers. I stumble upon this..


Simply Vera by Vera Wang “Plum Velvet Palette”.

Why o’ why has this been hiding under an empty makeup bag untouched? Such a perfect find for a Saturday night at home..again.
The colors are stunning at first glance. How does it swatch? Wait, first let’s rewind to when I purchased this at Kohls. I have OCD and I am terrified of testers. If I would’ve swatched it in store…actually let’s not visit this part of my brain. It’s too soon to scare you all off with my lunacy.

I bought this palette without touching the “infected” tester.

It was half off of $30 so I got it for $15 minus 30% coupon, carry the 1 and then add tax, watch my brain explode from math, because math. You get the idea. It was inexpensive.

There are no exact names for each color listed on the palette. I made up my own basic names. I’m basic, so it works out.


Below I attempted to swatch the colors on my forearm. 3 of the 4 colors swatched awesomely. The actual Plum Velvet color swatched like a powdered poop streak. I even tried that color over the original Urban Decay Primer Potion to see if that would help. No. It didn’t help. Notice the top two swatches.

The top two swatches are the “Plum” shade w/ 2 different primers underneath.

So, there I stood feeling helpless. How could it be that the ONE color that should clearly represent this palette has the most horrendous payoff? I don’t know. Maybe Vera Wang can explain this to me. Maybe not. I’m sure she’s swamped.

There was only one way to solve this problem or not. I created this very simple smokey eye look with the palette and I was sure to use the hell out of that damn plum color.


I used a detail enhancing filter to show the richness of the colors as my camera tends to wash out color a bit. The lumpy skin texture is nature’s cruel joke on me.

So there you have it. There it is. The colors went on super smooth over my Tarte Cosmetics CC Primer. That is my first choice in primer. (I will be posting about that soon!) To finish the look I used Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Black Eyeliner and Mascara. I also ran a little The Balm’s Bahama Mama Bronzer through the crease to warm up the eye.

I won’t be THAT blogger insisting you buy this, the choice is yours. It’s nice and it’s on sale. The End.

xo yourface

5 thoughts on “Velvet Plum For Your Eyes, Not Your Mouth

  1. This is so pretty. I love the dark plum color so much.The color enhancing filter really did its job the colors look so vivid. Beautiful eye look. ♥ Trina

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