That Quarter Life Crisis: Realness

Have you ever woken up in the morning, dragged yourself to the bathroom only to be horrified by the face peering back at you from the mirror? I’m so not implying that you’re having an ugly moment. I am saying you’re probably having a “Wtf?! When did my face get lines there? Are these really what my pores are supposed to be doing right now? Wait, what’s that dark spot? Who has grey as an undertone? Am I a zombie? Ugh, my gramma was so right about the sunscreen!! I should’ve listened to her skincare advice!” moment. This is a moment we all have at some point. Men and women alike.
Usually it occurs somewhere between 23-35. A million times over until we finally get a skincare routine that actually works well.
I feel that 35 still mingles in that acceptable space where it can be considered “quarter life”. People are living longer and I’m over here acting/dressing like I’m in my mid 20’s.
This quarter life theory works for me.

I’ve always taken care of my skin the best I could. My never ending battle with cystic acne, failed chemical peels that scarred me terribly, skin discoloration, the loss of pigment in certain parts of my skin for no apparent reason, the list goes on and on.
At this point I kinda sorta have everything under control. It’s all about trial and error. Sometimes I get a little to adventurous with my skincare and try something new and suddenly I find myself with a new cyst or 3 having coffee time on my face. They weren’t invited.

I’ve shared my skincare routine with you before. I change it up every now and then. Typically when a brand my skin loves comes out with a new product I will give it a go. Origins is one of those brands that never fails me.

I’m big on anti aging, always have been. Who wants to look like an old leather bag in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s? Not me. Hell no.
I came across a new product called Original Skin. The hashtag they are pushing is #QuarterLifeCrisis. This creamy gel serum hybrid promises to bring that glow back to your skin and help those scary looking pores moonlighting as craters on your face. Origins says this product will get you through your quarter life crisis beautifully!
I snapped this picture at the Origins shop in the mall about a week ago, when I decided I wanted to try this out! Who doesn’t love pink and a beautiful floral arrangement in beakers?! Ooh, science.


The benefits in this new serum are thanks to the star ingredient, Willowherb. Traditional uses for this herb are as follows:
Cellular Regeneration
Overall Skin Health

The formula also contains Persian Silk Tree to help skin bounce back after you’ve been out in the violent weather, pollution, partying or whatever else you’ve been doing. This helps rescue it. Chestnut Seed Extract helps to refine the texture of your skin. Algae helps to control the oil wells that you may have bubbling in those pores. Maybe this will help make us all look like we have a permanent airbrush filter on? Effortlessly perfect? No Photoshop needed, like ever? Maybe.

I’ve been using a generous amount of Original Skin every night before all the other product I pile on. I wake up with my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Every morning after I mist my face with Caramance Pure Rose Mist, before I put on my primer, I use a pea size amount of the Original Skin. My makeup goes on smooth and this keeps the oil at bay throughout the day. I haven’t had any adverse reactions to this serum. This crazy Winter weather can’t see me, bro!




Am I saying you absolutely MUST try this serum? Yes. Especially if you have skin that looks and feels like my description in the first paragraph. Origins did really well here. This will be in my arsenal going forward.
You can stop into an Origins shop, Sephora or any department store that has an Origns counter to request a sample before you commit to the $39 serum.


xo yourface

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