Acid Socks for the Sole

I stand all day when I work. My feet have to bear the weight of the world. Literally. My world is kinda heavy.

Naturally, calluses form on the balls of your feet, heels turn into cracked scaly fuglies, your skin is thick, yellowed and maybe frightening to look at.

I just need to throw this out there: I do not go to the salon to get pedicures. I’m not into soaking my feet in a mini cesspool loaded the with foot germs and fungus of strangers.

I’ve tried the listerine foot soak 3 times. It doesn’t work, for me. Well, it didn’t work to the extent that I needed to work. The skin softened up a bit and was a little easier to scrub off with a pumice stone. It didn’t break down the calluses the way I was hoping. Total cost: $3 for the blue Listerine that stained my $3 for the original Listerine for round 2 & 3.

Foot Mask Peels: All my love to Asia for introducing America to new and amazing beauty trends that actually work.
I was in Marshall’s a few weeks ago wandering around aimlessly with $7 in my pocket. I look on the most unorganized shelf ever and decided it was my duty to organize it, as a customer who suffers from OCD. 9 minutes in I saw these Pedi Patrol Foot Treatment masks. $4.99 to exfoliate my feet? Yes. I finished up my shelf work as several employees looked on in confusion different areas in the beauty department.
Where were they when I needed a price check?

I put the booties on at home that evening and totally forgot to take a photo. But they look like giant cloth-cellophane-plastic-ish socks. They were loaded with liquid (gentle exfoliating acids) that promised to make my feet feel like a baby booty.
I sat on the couch with the booties on for 1.5 hours (I also put on a pair of thick winter socks on top to futher insulate.)  After my feet soaked up all of the liquid I rinsed them and rubbed on my Exuvience Heel Repair Cream.

Then, nothing happened. Like nothing at all. For days and days. I soaked them in hot water for several days after to move the process along.

One day I came home from a long day and took off my socks and saw my skin falling off. I forgot I even did the peel and immediately panicked. Then my beloved son reminded me that I did the PEELING foot treatment. For the next few days my feet continued to peel and the calluses seemed to peel off in layers.
Don’t judge my unpainted toenails. Please.
Grossness. Calluses peeling off!

It worked.

I am pleased with my sort of soft feet. They are STILL peeling a little. No complaints because my feet needed this exfoliation. Total cost: $4.99 for a pack of 3 booties and a bunch of awkward stares from Marshall’s employees.

*I know many are obsessed with other brands that cost alot more but, seriously, go to Marshall’s and look around. These are excellent quality at an amazing price.*

The following pic has nothing to do with this blog post.
Oily skin, don’t care.

Xo yourface

2 thoughts on “Acid Socks for the Sole

  1. I just purchased this product and it’s been 7 days since I wore the socks and still no peeling. How long did it take before your feet started peeling?


    1. I was well over a week. I was waiting and waiting and finally it started to peel. Don’t moisturize your feet at all during the process. depends on the severity of the calluses and dead skin. I just recently tried ones from ebay called Absolute New York foot mask, they were more expensive though as they contained more Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic acids. Like 14$ or 15$ each pair. They work faster than these.


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