The Beast That Lives Atop My Head

There’s hair, then there’s MY hair. People usually see my hair before they see me when I walk into a room or a building. Trees love my hair so much that when I walk near or under one, the branches reach out just to cop a feel. They literally get caught up in the moment, they love to twirl my curls round and round with their spiny little branchy fingers as I struggle to break loose. Oh, play too much. My hair struggle is very real. As an adult, sometimes I still cry in the shower when I have to comb the conditioner through my hair. It hurts. I am and always have been tender headed. I think when you’re a child you are easily traumatized by bad hair experiences. Particularly getting wacked in the head with a comb or brush because you won’t keep your head still or you’re trying to watch My Little Ponies. Having someone come at you with a hot comb they just pulled from the stove burner that’s so hot it’s bright orange red. I walked around as a child with Pippi Longstocking braids and a crap ton of grease on my scalp. I was the coolest dork in the town. When I became old enough to do my own hair it was always on a ponytail or a bun. That’s it. Once I did get a weave, I took it out the same night. Horrible. Eff a “protective” weave. Now, I wear my hair out and all over the place or in a “messy” bun. So, below is a pic of my hair wet and loose with no product (1st pic). I like to add product and let it sink in while I do my makeup (2nd pic) image image Let’s get to it. What do I use? I go through phases where I purchase a ton of stuff that promises to make my hair smooth and glorious. I have a problem finding products that actually fulfill those promises. I struggled for a long time with extremely dry hair. I never even dye my hair so I was super confused as to why it was so dry and crispy. Nothing worked. Oil, treatments, scalp exfoliation, prayer..NOTHING. However, the products below are currently a part of my daily routine. They allow me to get a comb through my head on the shower and they make it easy to finger comb and style my naturally wild hair. The Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Line has changed my life! My hair LOVES this. My hair is soft to the touch and moisturized so well I can touch it and it doesn’t crunch or break off! I really hope someone reads this and tries it out. I do use a few Loreal products now and again as seen here. The Oleo Therapy conditioner in the orange jar is very moisturizing and is meant to be a treatment. I use it on the ends of my hair because it masks split ends until I get a cut. The Ever Creme sulfate free cleansing conditioner cleanses and softens. It really has a unique smell, like roasted marshmallows. image image Everything here I purchased at CVS or Walgreens. Most of the time these items are on sale or I have coupons. I am not a hair snob by any means. I’m sure there are a lot of natural hair ladies out there that would cringe at the sight of my choice in hair care products. I really could care less This works for me. It makes it less hurty (I know it’s not real word!) to handle my hair. Below are photos of my hair when it’s first done and then after it’s completely dry. The bun pic is what I do at the end of the evening when I’m laying on the couch being lazy. The collage is what my hair looks like on days here and there.1422713942643

image image image image Lastly, here’s a picture of me pretending to be a treasure troll. image I am not a hair expert. I’m simply a woman who has 1003 different textures of hair on her head. I will say it’s due to all the fun my ancestors had together if you get my drift! I wouldn’t change it for the world. Love your hair. xo yourface

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