Sheet Masks and Yodeling Pores

My skin isn’t like our President: it hates the idea of change. The fluctuation in the climate and life have wreaked havoc upon my facial region. Oily skin with dry patches, pores you could stick your finger in, red blotches,big acne, little acne,cystic acne, a tiny hobbit and a lake of fire…who has this? Anyone? Just me? Yeah.
What is this?

I invest in my skin. It matters. I’m an artist and I’m always in people’s faces, everyday. I cannot have my skin looking scary.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of stress. I’m eating like I’m still a teenager and it won’t affect the way my skin “behaves”. I live in a humid and polluted atmosphere. However, the air gets a bit dry in my apartment at night sometimes. Wearing my hair down and in my face isn’t helping because it has product in it my face doesn’t agree with. I also go for long walks on the beach and receive free wind/sand microdermabrasion treatments courtesy of Mother Nature. My skin doesn’t appreciate it. I’m not winning. My skin won’t let me be great.

I have posted in the past here and there about the different treatments and products I use to keep my skin wrinkle and scar free. This time I’m sharing what masks I’ve been using this past month or so to get my skin “balanced” and less angry.
Before I use any mask or treatment I exfoliate with my Clarisonic Mia 2 w/ the deep pore cleansing brush head.

First up, Dr. Jart “Pore Medic” Pore Purifying Mask.
This is a sheet mask I picked up months ago at Sephora and I’ve only recently tried it. I did the first mask over a month or so ago.
I decided that if I am more consistent with this kind of treatment my skin will reap all the benefits.
Benefits of this mask are:
Tightens pores
Reduces excess oil without over drying your skin
Smoother skin and clarity
Key ingredients:
Chestnut shell extract to promote pore contraction
Plum extract for oil control
Hyaluronic Acid to retain moisture
….and a bunch of other beautiful ingredients you can read about here.


I like the results of this mask. It is SOAKED in serum, so you have plenty. The mask was on the large side. I liked that because I have a big face so it fit perfectly. There was a slight sticky feeling after I massaged the excess serum into my skin. Did I notice a change in my pores immediately? Yes. They didn’t appear to be yodeling loudly, making a scene. Was my oil slick under control? Not so much. That’s ok because I just threw some mattifying primer on to keep my skin’s oil production somewhat under control. Will I purchase this again? Probably. I still have 2 left in the box. The price is $29 for a box of 5 masks.

Up next, Karuna Exfoliating+ Sheet Mask.
This mask caught my eye because, exfoliating. My skin has been looking toxic and dull. I’ve been seeking a treatment that can detox and boost luminosity.
I will say this mask was very small. Made for someone with a smaller more delicate face than me. I have a T-Rex sized face. I struggled to get the mask to cover all areas of my face. I ended up tearing it from all of the stretching and pulling. However, there was so much extra serum I took a few organic cotton pads and soaked them in the serum and put them over the areas I couldn’t cover with the actual mask.
The benefits of this mask:
The key ingredients:
Chinese Licorice
Vitamin B
Hyaluronic Acid
…and more ingredients you can read about here.



Yes. I love it. My skin looked brighter and felt so much smoother. There was no sticky residue. My skin soaked in everything. I didn’t notice any excess oil pouring out of my face for several hours after. The few pimples that have taken up residence on my cheeks and chin seemed to be less irritated. My pores were less visible.
Hopefully I will be able to get the full box of these masks at some point soon because I feel there will be amazing long term results. These retail for $8 each or you can purchase a box of 4 for $28.

Both of these masks are available at Sephora locations and on Sephora online.

Hopefully this long wordy blog post was informative and you’re now online ordering these masks or pitching a tent outside of your local Sephora waiting for the doors to open!

xo yourface

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