The Resurrection of My Lashes

Here we go again with another first world problem: Lashes that need a revival at some point during the day because otherwise, you’ll spontaneously combust. Well, not really. Maybe you’ll just end up with a few irritating mascara flakes in your eyes.

How Did We Get Here?
I can only imagine how this product came about. Maybe there was a group of women who were so fed up with their mascara getting crunchy and flakey midway through their day. They sat there and demanded something be done! Perhaps someone from product development at Urban Decay was preparing to hit the club after a long day at work and made an unsuccessful attempt to reapply her mascara. She stood there thinking to herself, “Self, there must be a better way to refresh my mascara at the end of the day so I can look like a million bucks!”
Whatever the case may be, Urban did good here with this new product.

The Resurrection
I came across this product a while back and kind of thought, meh. I don’t think I would ever need this.
Well, I take that back. Right now.
I decided to turn up, on a Monday. Just kidding, I had to go run errands all day on Monday and I wanted to look like I actually had lashes. I applied one coat of my trusty Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara. Here is my eye with one coat of mascara at the start of my day (I am not wearing any other makeup, sorry)

Fast forward to later that evening when I decided to try the Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection on one eye and not the other, just because.

Here’s the one eye

Here’s the comparison

As you can see the results are kind of great. The Mascara Resurrection works as a lash softener to allow easy application of a fresh coat or two of your favorite mascara. Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara doesn’t usually get crunchy or flakey unless it’s on its way to a new home in the trash because it is drying out. The one I used here is about to get an eviction notice from my daily makeup tray as the formula is getting dry.
My lashes were pliable and flake free. Zero crunch. I dig it.



Once opened, Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection has a 6 month shelf life. It retails for $16 and is sold at UrbanDecay, Sephora and Ulta. It is also available at Macy’s Impulse Counters everywhere.

Give it a shot if you ever need to touch up your mascara at some point during the day or evening.

xo yourface

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